University of Gothenburg


In case of danger and emergency, call 112 and ask for Ambulance / Fire department / Doctor / Police. Tell your name and that you are on Tjärnö Marine Laboratory. Inform someone in the Crisis management group.

In case of failure on the property contact the Akademiska Hus' operations technician at the Tjärnö Laboratory:

Christian Färnlöf
+46 72 209 86 16

Lost key

If you happen to lock up or lose your room key / access card, please contact the Reception during office hours. Other times, contact husvärd or call one of the following:
Gunilla Johansson: +46 31 786 96 37
Kerstin Johannesson: +46 31 786 96 11

In case of fire

You are obliged to inform you of where emergency exits and fire extinguishers are located. Notices are posted on the inside of all the room doors in the residence buildings and in the hallways and in the Education Buildings. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.

In case of fire

SAVE persons in immediate danger

ALERT call 112 or push any fire alarm button. See evacuation plan.


  • where the fire is
  • if there are people trapped
  • who you are

WARN others who may be threatened by fire

EXTINGUISH the fire if you can

FIRE EXTINGUISHER fire extinguisher (powder) and fire posts (water) are placed in the buildings

outside the Workshop

FIRST AID KIT is centrally located in each building

in the Recycling room in the Lars Afzelius Laboratory.

On alarm, contact
Tjärnö: Christian Färnlöf, +46 72 209 86 16.

Crisis management

The Crisis management group leads and coordinates activities in case of serious accidents, fire or other major activity disruptions. Emergency Services have always overall responsibility at major emergencies.

The Crisis management group at Tjärnö consists of:  

Marina Panova
station manager, Tjärnö Marine Laboratory
+46 31 786 96 23


Jonathan Havenhand
deputy head, Department of Marine Sciences
+46 31 786 96 82


Helen Veerman
+46 31 786 96 35


Olga Ortega-Martinez
researcher, safety representative
+46 31 786 91 11


Teresia Martinsson
house keeper, safety representative
+46 31 786 96 38


Ahmed Alrifaiy
research engineer
+46 31 786 96 15


Gunnar Cervin
research engineer
+46 31 786 96 89


Martin Larsvik
information secretary
+46 31 786 96 21