Carl André


Department of Marine
Visiting address
45296 Strömstad
Postal address
45296 Strömstad

About Carl André


I am responsible for the course Conservation genetics given each autumn and Statistics and experimental design 7.5 ECTS each semester, and teach regularly Fish Ecology and Marine Conservation Biology.


I use molecular methods to address questions in marine ecology and evolution. My research focus on:

Population structure and local adaptation to inform management of marine fish and shellfish

We use gemome-wide genetic markers to study population structure and local adaptation in several commercially important species: cod, herring, lobster, shrimp, oysters, wrasses and lumpfish. The reseach is funded by Formas and EU Interreg.

Adaptation to changing marine environments

Within the Linneaus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology and the BONUS funded project Baltgene, we use the Baltic Sea as a test case to study species adaptations to varying environmental conditions.

Research group

Ellika Faust, Pierre De Wit, Anna-Karin Ring. Several research projects are done in collaboration with Per Jonsson and Kerstin Johannesson.