University of Gothenburg
Bluepainted minibus outside the workshop
VW passenger van with 9 seats
Photo: Martin Larsvik

Workshop and vehicle

At the Tjärnö Laboratory there is a workshop where our experienced staff build and repair equipment. A passenger van is used for work related transportation.


There is a workshop, equipped for work with engines, wood, metal and plastics. Our skilled personell do manufacture, repair and service. We do jobs up to 30 minutes for university employees at no extra charge and as time permits. If there is need for larger jobs or for others than university employees; ask for offer. Only workshop technicians or employees with permission may work in the workshop.

The workshop staff can consult in technical and scientific matters, such as: 

  • Planning, resource availability (physical and logistic) of field and/or lab experiments
  • Experimental design (lab and field, aquarium plumbing, replication, environmental controls
  • Electronics (repair, modification, installation)
  • Field operations (small boats, snorkelling, diving, logistics, instrument deployments, risk analysis)

Infrastructure and staff are also available for:

  • ROV operations
  • Research vessel operations (Nereus, Doris)
  • Microalgae cultivation
  • Workshop construction (metal, plastic, wood, welding, lathe)

Passenger van at Tjärnö

A VW 9-seat passenger van is owned by the Tjärnö Laboratory. It should primarily be used by employees at the Tjärnö Laboratory for work related transportation. The passenger van can secondarily be used by scientists and others who work or study at the Tjärnö Laboratory, for bringing up and leaving students and other work related transportation. However, students are primarily encourage to use public transport. Trips longer than 24 hours has to be approved by station manager or coordinator. Private use is not allowed. Bus time tables Tjärnö-Strömstad round trip is found outside the reception and on the notice-board by the course labs.

Rules about the use of passenger van:

  • The van is booked on the whiteboard outside the reception.
  • Anybody driving the van must first get a driving permit in the reception.
  • Degree project students: Before getting a driving permit, the supervisor must first approve that the student may use the passenger van.
  • The price is 7,00 SEK/km excl. 25% VAT.