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Getting your degree

When you have completed your studies, you must apply for your degree certificate yourself. A degree certificate is equivalent with a diploma. At the University of Gothenburg, you receive your degree certificate in digital form.

What is a degree certificate?

A degree certificate, also called a higher education qualification or diploma, is evidence that you have acquired knowledge up to a certain level. Higher education qualifications are divided into three main categories:

There are rules that control which qualifications are offered and which degrees may be awarded. You can read more about these rules on the Student Portal.

Degree requirements on the Student Portal

What must be included in a degree certificate?

At the University of Gothenburg, we use qualification descriptors. A qualification descriptor contains information about the requirements for a specific degree, such as a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Journalism. For example, the qualification descriptor states:

  • How many credits must be passed to obtain the degree
  • What courses in the main field of study must be included.

It is good to be aware that there are both optional courses and compulsory courses. If you would like to know more about what must be included in a degree, you can contact a study counsellor.

Study Counselling

Grades at the University of Gothenburg

As a student at the University of Gothenburg, you receive a grade each time you are examined in a course. The type of grade awarded varies depending on what you are studying. At the University of Gothenburg, we have five different grading scales. At Swedish higher education institutions, average grades are not given for a degree. You can read more about grades on the Student Portal.

Grading systems on the Student Portal

Can my previous qualifications be included in the degree?

You can apply for credit transfer based on your previous qualifications if you have been admitted to and are registered as a student at the University of Gothenburg. In your application, it is important that you include your original documents as proof of your previous qualifications.

Depending on the qualifications you wish to have credited, the process is different.