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University of Gothenburg
The field station from the sea, with boats and buildings
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

About us

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory is located by Sweden's most species-rich marine area in the northern part of Bohuslän province. Ships, laboratories, sea water systems, accommodation, dining hall, as well as skilled and helpful staff exist for university education and research. In total, about 70 persons are working all year around. Also school classes and the general public are welcome.

Names of the station

In English the name is Tjärnö Marine Laboratory, with Tjärnö Laboratory as short form.

In Swedish the station is called Tjärnö marina laboratorium, with the short form Tjärnölaboratoriet.

Part of the Marine Infrastructure

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory is a part of the Marine Infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg. This also includes Kristineberg Marine Research Station and Research Vessel (R/V) Skagerak.