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Apply for Master's programme

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Master's programme at the University of Gothenburg. There are a lot of important steps on the list so read the information carefully. All applications to the University of Gothenburg go through the Swedish National Admissions Portal,

1. Find your programme

The first step to applying is finding the right programme for you. Do proper research beforehand by reading all available information about the programme. It is important that you find a programme that matches your interest and what you want to do after your studies. You can apply to up to four programmes in the first admissions round and up to twelve programmes/courses in the second admissions round. 

2. Check the entry requirements

Each one of our programmes has general and programme-specific entry requirements.  Make sure that you fulfil all the requirements in order to be eligible for admission.

Please note! The Admissions Office does not make assessments beforehand of your academic merits. Your merits will be assessed when you have made an application. If you have questions regarding the programme-specific requirements, please contact a study counsellor. The study counsellor is presented on the programme page. 

Master's programmes

3. Submit an application

You apply through, the Swedish National Admissions Portal.

  • Create an account and rank your selection of programmes.
  • Make sure to submit the right application documents.
  • You must also pay the application fee or, alternately, document your citizenship status in an EU/EEA country.

About application documents on

4. Follow your application process

Once you have applied via, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that your application has been received. Check that all information is correct, and go to My pages regularly to check for any changes or updates. 

5. Notification of selection results

After the last application day, your application will undergo a selection procedure. The selection is based only on the selection criteria stated on the programme page. Selection procedures can vary depending on the course or programme. Examples of what may be considered are:

  • The number of previous university credits
  • Previous grades
  • Other requested documentation such as essays, motivation letters, et cetera.

For information about what the criteria are for the programme that you have applied for, see the course description page on the programme website. You can find a link from your application on My pages on

Your chances of being admitted depend on how well you compete with the other applicants and on the number of places available in the programme.

For information on available places, please contact a study counsellor. The study counsellor is presented on the programme page. 

Master's programmes

6. Tuition payment 

If you need to pay tuition in Sweden, you need to pay the first instalment, before you can start applying for a residence permit. Information will be sent out to the e-mail adress you register at  

How to pay your tuition

7. Register for studies

When the semester start you must register for studies in accordance with the instructions you receive from your department. If you do not register, you will lose your place.

Before the semester starts, you will receive information from your department regarding the start of the semester. All questions regarding schedule, introduction, literature etc. can be answered by your department.

I have questions – who to contact?

For questions regarding documentation of your prior studies, please contact

If you have questions regarding the specific requirements or selection methods for a programme/course, please contact the department of studies.

For other questions regarding your application, contact the Admissions Office.