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University of Gothenburg

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory from the sea

Tjärnö Marine Laboratorium is located by Sweden's most species-rich marine area in the northern part of Bohuslän province. Here you find ships, field equipment, diving facilities, laboratories, sea water system, lecture halls, accommodation, dining hall, as well as skilled and helpful staff.

At Tjärnö Laboratory there is marine university education and research within marine sciences, mainly evolution, aquaculture as well as nature conservation and management. In total, about 70 persons are working all year around. Also school classes and the general public are welcome to visit Tjärnö Laboratory. Conference possibilities for groups are good.

Video (2:16)
Introduction to Tjärnö Laboratory

Tjärnö Marine Laboratory and COVID-19

We invite groups for education, but with limitations in numbers to prevent spread of virus. Guests are given larger physical space in bedrooms, lecture halls, labs and dining hall. Guests are separated from permanent personnel as good as possible: separate entrances and toilets and different lunch serving times. Some activities are not possible at all. Personal responsibility is important: wash your hands often, keep your distance, stay in your bedroom if you feel unwell and notify your teacher. Complete pandemic rules on the Booking page.