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Networks and partner universities

The University of Gothenburg's vision is to be a university for the world – an international higher education and research institution that takes responsibility for the development of society while helping to build a sustainable world. We do this in many ways, including through collaborations with universities around the world in international networks and projects. For example, we are part of the EUTOPIA-alliance, one of the prestigious European Universities.




Latin America

North America

Collaboration involving several continents

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Listed on this page you will find the institutional-level networks and projects that are university-wide, which means that they are sanctioned by the university leadership and in most cases have a trans-disciplinary focus.

You will also find a few networks that are discipline specific and therefore handled at departmental level.

Partner universities

The University of Gothenburg works actively with partner universities, having approximately 900 exchange agreements with universities across the globe. A normal academic year roughly 1,100 exchange students study in Gothenburg and the student body includes around 70 nationalities, providing a truly international atmosphere and a unique academic environment.