Bachelor's programmes

We have six bachelor's programmes taught in English and that are open to international applicants: four unique fine art programmes in furniture design, opera, classical music, and metal art. One in Software engineering and management and a new programme in International relations. The University of Gothenburg is a perfect institution to start your university education.

International Relations

Global contexts, processes and institutions are playing an increasingly important role for working life as a whole, and for people's everyday lives. At the Bachelor's Programme in International Relations you learn about global challenges, equality and how to manage sustainability issues. In our globalized world where international relations are reshaped and power relations are shifted, the demand for professionals with knowledge of global issues, and competence to analyse international events, have increased. The programme prepare you for a global labour market through proficiency courses with project management, training in conflict resolution and foreign diplomacy. The programme also offers an internship where you get the opportunity to establish contacts and gain work experience.

Software Engineering and Management

Software engineers and software managers will have a key role in all aspects of society, from using AI to provide customer service and even financial advice, to developing self-driving cars, to creating apps in the health and biotech sphere. We are among the largest software engineering groups in the world, and our researchers have worldwide impact. Our programme gives you the opportunity to complete collaborative projects, work with partners in industry, and participate in hackathons, gaining the skills necessary to improve the world with software.

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Music, Classical Performance

Chamber music and instrumental studies are the focus of the Bachelor's programme in classical performance. You will be a part of an international environment characterised by dialogue and openness between students and teachers. The Academy of Music and Drama is located in the Artisten building, close to the city's most important music institutions. Students participate in close collaborations with, among other institutions, the Gothenburg Opera and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, where a majority of the teachers are also active.  

Metal Art

As a student on the Metal Art Programme you will explore contemporary metal arts and crafts in different contexts and can delve deeper into your artistic expression and craftsmanship. The 1,200 square meter metal workshop is located in a unique academic environment in Dals Långed, 170 kilometers north of Gothenburg, where you work both at the drawing board and by the workbench. Through lectures, visiting instructors, workshops and field trips, you will gain perspective and inspiration for your work and be able to relate it to theory.


The programme is designed for you if you already have foundational experience in classical singing and want to study to become an opera singer. Vocal training makes up the majority of the curriculum, but dramatic performance and movement also feature prominently. You will study in an international environment at the Academy of Music and Drama, where you will complete at least one drama project per academic year. The programme also involves a great deal of individual coaching in everything you need to prepare for a career as an opera singer. Instruction is given in English.

Photo: Johan Wingborg

Wood Oriented Furniture Design

The Wood Oriented Furniture Design programme is designed for you, who want to work with furniture design using an exploratory and conceptual approach to materials, innovation and sustainable development. In the unique academic environment in Dals Långed, 170 kilometers north of Gothenburg, you work both at the drawing board and by the workbench. Field trips and visits to trade fairs, companies in the industry and to design studios take place continually during the three year programme. 

Photo: Natalie Greppi