Collaborate with our researchers

Companies and organizations can engage our researchers and teachers to enhance the skills of their personnel, solve specific problems, conduct evaluations, or undertake other types of assignments.

Research collaborations can involve, for example, companies in need of expert support for organizational changes, public organizations requiring speakers for professional development days, or authorities seeking independent reviews and analyses.

Examples of possible collaborations:

Contract research

Contract research involves generating research findings through collaboration between the university, business, and the public sector. The client requesting contract research has the opportunity to have a scientific review, analysis, and development of a specific problem.

Expertise and consultation

Through expert consultation, the researcher's expertise is utilized to address specific issues or narrower problems for a company or organization. This can involve advisory services or development assignments. Expert consultation differs from contract research in that it primarily utilizes existing knowledge and technology, without the aim of producing new research results.

Engage a doctoral candidate

By engaging an existing doctoral candidate or offering their employees the opportunity to pursue doctoral-level education, a company or organization gains access to the latest research and establishes close collaboration with the university. The company or organization can drive development projects that stimulate growth and result in new products, services, and applications.