Vision 2021-2030: A University for the World

The University of Gothenburg’s vision expresses the University’s ambition in terms of what it endeavours to be and the core values on which the institution rests. The vision provides the basis for the University’s goals and strategic planning.

The vision of A University for the World expresses the endeavour to be an international higher education institution that assumes responsibility for societal development while helping to build a sustainable world.

This vision also affirms that the University’s operations rest on the core academic values formulated in the Magna Charta Universitatum and that these are sustained within the framework of the principles that govern Swedish public administration.

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Taking the University’s core values as a point of departure, the vision is built around three commitments that show the way for the University’s development over the coming decade.

A vision, goals and strategies
as a basis for planning

The vision’s core values and three commitments are the foundation on which to build a university for the world. This work is based on the University’s goals and strategies, which are gathered within a number of areas of priority.

Goals and strategies are formulated for a period of three years at a time with the intention of creating good preconditions for developing education, research and collaboration. They form the basis for three-year operational strategies and annual operational plans at the various levels within the University. Together, these goals, strategies and activities contribute to achieving the University of Gothenburg’s vison of being a university for the world.

Goals and strategies 2021–2024

University-wide goals and strategies for the initial period 2021-2024 are formulated based on the vision’s commitments and gathered into six focus areas.