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Christian Baudin (2021)
Recidivism and Static-99R risk assessments in a Swedish cohort of mentally disordered sexual offenders

Thomas Hartvigsson (2020)
Explorations of the Relationship Between the right to Make Decisions and Moral Responsibility in Healthcare
GUP 299444

Carl Delfin (2020)
Neurobehavioral correlates of disinhibitory psychopatology
GUP 299948

Tova Bennet (2020)
Straffansvar vid atypiska sinnestillstånd
Lunds universitet - Forskningsportal

Hedvig Krona (2020)
On lifetime violent criminality in a Swedish forensic psychiatric cohort
Lunds universitet - Forskningsportal

Alva Stråge (2019)
Minds, Brains and Desert: On the relevance of neuroscience for retributive punishment
GUP 287301

Anna-Kari Sjödin (2017)
Offenders of Intimate Partner Violence: Aggressive antisocial behavior and mental health
GUP 261200

Örjan Falk (2016)
Aggressive Antisocial Behavior: Risk Factors and Personality Profile http://hdl.handle.net/2077/47403
GUP 249010

Sara Lina Hansson Halleröd (2016)
On the validity of neurodevelopmental disorders
Lunds universitet - Forskningsportal
GUP 248333

Ola Ståhlberg (2015)
Comorbidity across childhood-onset neuropsychiatric disorders, http://hdl.handle.net/2077/38352 
GUP 217386

Sara Bromander (2013)
Neurobiological markers for personality, inflammation and stress: A naturalistic study in knee arthroplastic patients
GUP 217417

Christina Lund (2013)
Mentally disordered offenders: a longitudinal study of forensic psychiatric assessments and criminal recidivism
GUP 217421

Tomas Larson (2013)
A-TAC - The Autism-Tics, ADHD and other Comorbidities inventory: studies in reliability and validity
Lunds universitet - Forskningsportal
GUP 193668

Märta Wallinius (2012)
Aggressive antisocial behavior- clinical, cognitive, and behavioral covariates of its persistence 
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Anita Carlstedt (2012)
Child Sexual Abuse: Crimes, Victims, Offender Characteristics, and Recidivism
GUP 179457

Sebastian Lundström (2011)
Autistic-like traits
Lunds universitet - Forskningsportal
GUP 161540

Christina Gustavson (2010)
Risk and prediction of violent crime in forensic psychiatry

Rolf Anckarsäter (2010)
Neurochemical and neuroendocrine reactions during non-neurological surgery
GUP 107851

Björn Hofvander (2009)
AD/HD and autism spectrum disorders in adults
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