Göteborgs universitet
The FRAM Centre Advisory Board
Here are the members of the FRAM Centre Advisory Board at a meeting in 2016.


The FRAM Centre gathers more than 20 researchers from different research disciplines and is run by a Director, who is supported by a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board.

Steering Committee

The Steering committee consists of researchers from different faculties and departments at the University of Gothenburg.

Centre Coordinator: Jenny Egardt

Contact: jenny.egardt@bioenv.gu.se

Centre Director: Daniel Slunge

Contact: daniel.slunge@gu.se

Chair Steering Committee: Bethanie Carney Almroth

Contact: bethanie.carney@bioenv.gu.se


Other Steering Committee members

Åsa Arrhenius
Jessica Coria
Lena Gipperth
Martin Hassellöv 
Erik Kristiansson 
Sverker Molander
Philipp Wanner