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Åsa Arrhenius

Principal Research Engineer

Department of Biological & Environmental
+46 31-786 25 60
Visiting address
Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B
41319 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 461
40530 Göteborg

About Åsa Arrhenius


My research background is in environmental science with a focus on ecotoxicology and the effects of mixtures or so-called chemical cocktails. I have worked mainly with microbial communities, but also single species tests with algae and bacteria. I have studied the effects of many different types of pollutants, such as biocides, pesticides, drugs and biocides, individually but mainly in different mixtures.

My daily work is varied, for now I have the following main tasks;

1. Coordinator for the FRAM Center for Chemical Risk Analysis and Management of the Future ( FRAM is a multi-disciplinary academic research centre focusing on chemical mixtures and how chemical pollution affects human health and the environment. In FRAM I  also work as a communicator together with Nina Silow (GMV) and work especially with FRAM at social media; FRAM at twitter and FRAM at Facebook.

2. Participation in various research projects together with Prof. Thomas Backhaus 

3. Teaching at the bachelor's and master's level in environmental sciences.

4. Departmental duties; 

Lab safety, chemical inventories, coordination of reserah labs, member of the house group at Botan, the environmental group at Botan, and planning new premises in our new house Natrium.

5. Other:

Occupational health and safety representative at BioEnv in Botan- and Zoologybuilding.

Part of Ocean Blues - turning eco-anxiety into eco-action, by linking non-academic young adults to the scientific community. The long-term goal is a sustainable use of the ocean.