University of Gothenburg
The FRAM Centre Advisory Board
Here are the members of the FRAM Centre Advisory Board at a meeting in 2016.


The FRAM Centre gathers more than 20 researchers from different research disciplines and is run by a Director, who is supported by a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board.

Steering Committee

The Steering committee consists of researchers from different faculties and departments at the University of Gothenburg.

Centre Coordinator: Jenny Egardt


Centre Director: Daniel Slunge


Chair Steering Committee: Bethanie Carney Almroth



Other Steering Committee members

Lena Gipperth
Martin Hassellöv 
Erik Kristiansson 
Sverker Molander
Jessica Coria
Philipp Wanner

Advisory Board

A board of external advisors that comprises major stakeholders is connected to the FRAM Centre. It serves as a sounding board for FRAM’s activities and ensures a holistic view. The board also delivers input from society by providing critical feedback, information and suggestions for future work. Furthermore, it highlights the demands of the various stakeholders that shape FRAM's work and provides advice on strategic decisions.

The members of the Advisory Board are: To be decided