University of Gothenburg

Light Microscopy

At CCI you will find a wide range of equipment and techniques for advanced light microscopy, with the focus on fluorescence imaging. We provide expertise and know-how so that the users can chose the correct techniques for their scientific questions, perform the imaging in an efficient way and acquire data which can be further analyzed using different software applications.

Light microscopy techniques

At CCI it is possible to perform several advanced techniques that employs light and electron microscopy to take further steps than the basic information, which can be obtained from conventional imaging.

Specimen Preparation for LM

In the light microscope many different types of specimens can be imaged. These include both live and fixed cells or tissue and there are many ways to prepare these specimens.

Generally, our users perform the sample preparations in their own lab and come with the prepared sample to the microscope. If needed, we can give advice about fixation protocols, fluorophore selections, mounting media etc.

For thick tissue samples we can perform different tissue clearing protocols as a service. 

At the CCI we give courses in light and electron microscopy as well as image analysis. However, to get access to our equipment you need to get an individual training at the particular microscope or sample preparation equipment. These trainings are set up after a face-to-face project meeting. 

The individual introductory microscope training usually consists of two sessions, one half day of instruction (3 hours) with a training specimen and one half day with the user’s own specimen, but can be shorter or  extended depending on the microscope technique and the needs and experience of the user.

Please contact the CCI staff, preferably using, for more information about prices and to schedule the training sessions.