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University of Gothenburg
Video (3:05)
Live cell imaging

Live imaging: Cells and tissue​

To follow dynamic processes in living cells and tissue requires the correct conditions, regarding temperature, humidity and atmosphere. The live cell imaging video above is acquired at the LSM880 Airyscan by CCI user Sagar Mahale.

At the CCI we have two dedicated live cell systems: the CD7 LSM900 for high-content screening imaging of plates and multiwell slides and the LSM880 Airyscan for more high-resolution imaging. Both of these systems have fully integrated incubation systems, with CO2, humidity and temperature control, in order to keep the cells happy for a long time. In addition, several autofocus strategies, including both hardware and software autofocus, makes it possible to keep the cells in focus during the imaging.

The LSM700 have a smaller stage incubator for CO2, humidity and temperature control and hardware autofocus. Here it is possible to do up to over-night live cell experiments. The other microscopes can also be adapted to perform live cell experiments.

Most of the functional microscopy techniques are performed on living cells and organisms.