University of Gothenburg
people sitting in front of PC displays, looking at proteomics data
Photo: Jonas Nilsson

PhD Course in Proteomics

The Proteomics Core Facility course includes basic theory as well as practical applications within a two-week schedule.


Credits (HP): 3,0
Code (s): SC00003
Weeks (s): 39-40

Course description

The course will cover the basics of proteomics, including applications and methods used in proteomics research. The course will describe and discuss study design, sample handling and sample preparation techniques. The course will present strategies for enrichment and separation of proteins and peptides, basic theory of biological mass spectrometry (MS) and liquid-chromatography-MS instruments, data analysis and bioinformatics of MS data. 

The course consists of lectures, instrument demonstrations, workshops and practical sessions designed to demonstrate the proteomic analysis tools. Invited speakers will highlight applications in proteomics and related fields. During the course, the students will get the opportunity to design and plan a proteomic study applied to their own research. This individual proteomic study will be presented and discussed with teachers and other students participating in the course.


The following basic topics on proteomics will be covered:

  • Introduction to proteomics
  • Sample handling and preparation
  • Separation techniques and strategies
  • Mass spectrometry theory
  • Quantitative mass spectrometry
  • Characterization of post-translational modifications
  • Database matching and proteomic tools
  • Experimental design and interpretation of quantitative proteomic results
  • Evaluation of the quality of proteomic workflows in published literature