University of Gothenburg
people sitting in front of PC displays, looking at proteomics data
Photo: Jonas Nilsson

PhD Course in Proteomics

The Proteomics Core Facility course includes basic theory as well as practical applications within a two-week schedule.


Credits (HP): 3,0
Code (s): SC00003
Weeks (s): 11-12

Topics covered

The course consists of lectures, instrument demonstrations, laboratory exercises, and literature survey during a complete two-week schedule. Practical exercises will illustrate hands-on techniques in proteomics including protein identification, quantitative mass spectrometry, database searches and data interpretation. Participants will plan, conduct and present a proteomics experiment applied to their own research. Invited speakers will highlight applications in proteomics and related fields.


The following basic topics on proteomics will be covered:

  • Introduction to proteomics
  • Sample handling and preparation
  • Separation techniques and strategies
  • Mass spectrometry theory
  • Quantitative mass spectrometry
  • Characterization of post-translational modifications
  • Database matching and proteomic tools
  • Experimental design and interpretation of quantitative proteomic results
  • Evaluation of the quality of proteomic workflows in published literature