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About us

Core Facilities offer access to advanced research infrastructures, research support and training. Our facilities are located at The Sahlgrenska Academy, and are open to all researchers. We have the aim of delivering high-quality support, tailored to meet individual research needs.

Our Research Support

Our centres offer consultation within the newest technologies, as well as in experimental design and analysis to ensure the best possible research outcomes.

Our support include consultation in designing experiments, access to advanced equipment and novel technologies, as well as assistance in the execution of a project, sample preparation and data collection.

Specialized technical training and analysis tools for data evaluation and bioinformatics are also offered.

In addition, the Core Facilities are dedicated to continuing education and arrange courses, workshops and seminars for the research community.

If you are interested in instrumentation outside Core Facilities, please go to the link to our Swedish pages.

State-of-the-Art Research Infrastructure

The units at Core Facilities are equipped with advanced instrumentation and highly competent and specialized staff. You can learn more on each unit's webpages or scroll down to get an overview of our research support.

Open Access to a Wide Range of Support

Our services include a wide range of the newest advanced life-science technologies. Researchers from universities or companies in Sweden and from abroad are equally welcome. Young researchers at Sahlgrenska academy are also welcome to apply for the Bollan stipend that can fund access to our units.

National and International Profile

All our units have strong national and international profiles and are part of national research infrastructures such as SciLifeLab and international infrastructures such as EuroBioimaging. This ensures the highest quality services also for our local researchers.

Overview of Our units

Learn more about the seven units that are part of Core Facilities.

Sequence, Analyze, Visualize, and Integrate ‘Big Data’

The Bioinformatics Data Center (BDC) provides new high-throughput techniques, e.g. next-generation sequencing (NGS) for clinical and preclinical research as part of Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) and SciLifeLab Clinical Genomics, together with bioinformatics and statistics expertise in analysis, data integration and visualization that facilitates meaningful and trustworthy cutting-edge biomedical research.

Advanced Multimodal Imaging

The Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) provides state-of-the-art imaging equipment that integrates advanced light (LM) and electron microscopy (EM). Highly competent and specialized personnel consult in design of microscopy and image analysis experiments. Theoretical and unique hands-on training enable the researchers to independently run the microscopes. Complete project solutions as well as independent training are offered, whether the researcher requires image analysis on powerful hardware or sample preparation for EM.

State-of-the-Art Support for Animal Research & Education

Experimental Biomedicine (EBM) is a first-class, multifunctional research facility providing infrastructure, expertise and education for research involving laboratory animals with a full-service concept, including housing and veterinary care as well as study support. EBM is also a national center for skills training has a core hub for advanced instruments, including an MRI-imaging facility. The principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Refinement, Reduction) are integrated into all EBM policies and operations.

Complex Recombinant Proteins & Monoclonal Antibodies

At the Mammalian Protein Expression Core Facility (MPE), mammalian cells are used to produce complex recombinant proteins and glycoproteins. These proteins can be crucial research reagents, and support include all steps from fit-for-purpose protein design to purification. Additionally, the facility can help with production of monoclonal antibodies and culturing of cell lines. As part of the national infrastructure Protein Production Sweden (PPS), researchers can turn to MPE to get proteins produced also in other expression systems.

Design & Synthesis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides

The OligoNova Hub is a national infrastructure for drug development, focused on therapeutic oligonucleotides. The goal is to help researchers convert their research results into new drugs for patient groups who currently lack appropriate treatment. Supports the full process from design and synthesis of oligonucleotides to evaluation of efficiency and toxicity.

Cutting-Edge Mass Spectrometry-Based Protein Analysis

The Proteomics Core Facility offers the newest instrumentation for mass spectrometry analysis. Our methods can be custom-fitted and includes eg. quantitative, differential, clinical, phospho-, glyco- and interaction proteomics. Specialized apparatus to set up study of lower abundant proteins in complex biological samples including FFPE material is available. Our
experts assist in study design, preparations and data analysis.

Sample Service Coordination Across Sweden

The Biobank Core Facility provides national sample service coordination and offers both operational services, such as sample collection, sample handling, DNA and PBMC extraction, as well as regulatory support, such as ethical applications, inform consent and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA). Full traceability of each biobank sample is kept using IT systems in collaboration with Biobank Väst.