University of Gothenburg
Lab på MPE Core Facility

About us

Core Facilities offer access to advanced research infrastructures, research support and training. Our facilities are located at The Sahlgrenska Academy, and are open to all researchers. We have the aim of delivering high-quality support, tailored to meet individual research needs.

Our Research Support

Our centres offer consultation within the newest technologies, as well as in experimental design and analysis to ensure the best possible research outcomes.

Our support include consultation in designing experiments, access to advanced equipment and novel technologies, as well as assistance in the execution of a project, sample preparation and data collection.

Specialized technical training and analysis tools for data evaluation and bioinformatics are also offered.

In addition, the Core Facilities are dedicated to continuing education and arrange courses, workshops and seminars for the research community.

If you are interested in instrumentation outside Core Facilities, please go to the link to our Swedish pages.