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University of Gothenburg

CCI Availability during COVID-19 situation

The Centre for Cellular Imaging is still available, but with limitations and routines to reduce risk of spreading infection.

CCI is a shared scientific infrastructure. Users come from different departments or institutions to operate the same microscopy equipment and take advantage of scientific services provided by a limited number of facility staff. In this setting, transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus between individuals or from contaminated surfaces is facilitated. The guidelines below should help imaging core staff to protect themselves and our users.

General organizational measures

  1. We are cancelling all face-to-face trainings in the coming two weeks
  2. Only one user per microscope per session allowed
  3. Users show up at the facility only after booking online. To minimize traffic, users do not walk in to see if a microscope is free.
  4. Users who are sick are not allowed to use the facility, even if it appears to be mild cold, with only a slight sneeze or cough or the like.
  5. Be aware of current local restrictions and safety measures

Requested user behaviour when entering the CCI facility

  1. All users must wear fresh gloves. The gloves have to be disposed of after use. First step: put gloves on, last step: gloves off; washing hands in-between.
  2. Do not touch bare surfaces with bare hands. That includes door handles, microscope parts and computer with periphery.
  3. All users are strongly encouraged to bring and wear their own safety glasses for further protection of their eyes against virus transmission
  4. Do not start any overnight experiments which could become problematic if the campus should be closed the next morning. Contact the CCI staff do discuss overnight experiments.

The Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) is a core facility that integrate both Light and Electron microscopy. The facility focuses on the imaging of biological events at the cellular/molecular level of fixed or living cells or tissue and is open to all researches.

Our vision is that the CCI will allow users to think broadly and select the best possible instrument(s), light and/or electron microscope(s), to provide detailed answers to their scientific questions at the highest resolution.

We are committed to developing a functional systems microscopy approach, which can address new scientific questions with a multi-modal imaging strategy using only a few or many samples. Using modern cell biological tools, expertise in live cell imaging, state-of-the-art equipment and image analysis we will continue to help researchers relate structure to function and morphology to mechanism.