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University of Gothenburg

CCI Availability during COVID-19 situation

The Centre for Cellular Imaging is still available, but with limitations and routines to reduce risk of spreading infection.

We would like to inform and update you about the requirements that are needed to work at the Centre for Cellular Imaging during the COVID-19 pandemic. This especially important with the spread of new variants.

CCI is a shared scientific infrastructure, and our users come from different departments or institutions to operate at the same microscopy equipment, and use scientific services provided by a small number of facility staff. In this setting, transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus between individuals or from contaminated surfaces can happen. Therefore, the rules below are set up to help both our staff and our users to stay safe and protect themselves.

Requested user behaviour when entering the CCI facility

  • Users who are ill are not allowed to use the facility, even if it appears to be mild cold, with only a slight sneeze or cough or the like!
  • All users who come to the facility need to bring their own mask and wear it while in the same microscopy room as CCI staff. This is a requirement due to problems to keep distance and ventilation in our small microscopy rooms.

General measures:

  • Currently, most of the microscopy trainings will be held online
  • One user per microscope and room per session is allowed. If you need to get input from an extra colleague or your supervisor, the CCI staff will help you with online connection from the CCI microscope computer to an outside computer.
  • To minimize traffic in our facility: Users show up at the facility only after booking time online
  • Be aware of current local restrictions and safety measures