University of Gothenburg

Method development in biomedical and clinical research

One of our goals is to contribute to the development of new techniques. Here are some examples of collaborations that focus on the method development within research projects, tool development and education. Also we list some of our projects targeting clinical implementations through CGG and GMS.

Our method development projects are divided in four categories:

  • Research projects: We usually collaborate with researchers in the analysis of their data. Within these projects we were able to extend our in-depth participation without any cost to the researcher. We focused on projects with clinical and biological impact, and in need of tailored analysis, integration and visualization.
  • Tool development: These projects emerged from analyses that we identified to be of general interest. We were able to devote time to implement workflows and tools. We are thankful to our collaborators who helped us to validate the results from the resulting tools.
  • Tool evaluation: It is common that within a specific analysis, several tools are available and, sometimes the lack of golden standards makes it difficult to select the best tool if it has not been previously evaluated. These projects show some of our experiences while evaluating these tools. 
  • Education: Besides aiding researchers in the analysis of their data we are also invested in teaching. Several of our courses were initially developed thanks to this grant. Now they are part of our standard courses. Moreover, we were able to share our experience in adopting short bioinformatics courses for PhD during the pandemic.

Interested in collaborating with us?

We are eager to develop novel bioinformatics and statistical methods within biomedical research. 

We are open to co-apply for research grants, just contact us