University of Gothenburg

Courses by CCI

The Centre for Cellular Imaging regularly organizes courses to teach basic and advanced light and electron microscopy methods as well as image analysis to the research community.

Our courses, workshops and seminars cover the fundamental basis of all major aspects of fluorescence and electron microscopy, ranging from specimen preparation, different contrasting methods, instrumentation, image analysis and quantification, right up to the most recent and revolutionary developments. Our overall aim is to foster a deep understanding of the full range of basic and advanced methods used in fluorescence and electron microscopy to allow the students and researchers to tackle their questions using the most appropriate probes and instruments. 

Advanced courses

Remote workshop: “Smart Microscopy - Image analysis to improve remote image acquisition”, 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st of May, 2021

In this Workshop you can learn from top researchers in the fields of Image Analysis, Smart Microscopy and Machine Learning, as well as the very creators of the ZEN and OAD (open application development) about one of the most advanced platforms for microscopy automation and scripting. The workshop will be limited to 25 participants. It will take place remotely on the 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st of May (full days CET time). The participants and the trainers will together address current challenges in microscopy, image analysis and automation.

NEUBIAS Workshop 2: Training Schools 4&5 and the Taggathon, Gothenburg 2017

The Centre for Cellular Imaging organized the NEUBIAS Workshop 2 for bioimage analysis. Two training schools were running in parallel: Early Career Investigators and Facility staff, check homepage.

1st NMI Core Facility staff training in the IMARIS program

2-day training course for facility staff within the NMI consortium. The course tooke place in Gothenburg the 14-15th of March, 2017, and it covered all the details of the IMARIS software from data visualization, measurement and tracking, object detection to Batch-processing.

Graduate courses

Cellular Imaging, 25 - 29 April, 2022

The course deals with different aspects of modern cellular and molecular microscopy. Teaching will be performed through lectures and group discussions. 

Introduction course in Image analysis for Life science, 19-23 September 2022

This course provides a hands-on introduction to image processing and analysis, with emphasis on biologically relevant examples. Participants will learn the fundamentals of image analysis, including basic macro programming in ImageJ/Fiji. 

Undergraduate courses

From Image Acquisition to Image Analysis, Autumn 2021

The focus of the course is on reaching a broad understanding of imaging acquisition and computerized image analysis in Life Science and a basic understanding of the theory and algorithms behind the image analysis methods and tools. Hands-on exercises that will teach a broad functionality of these tools and the concepts needed for building suitable workflow for a given application.