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University of Gothenburg

Tissue clearing

Some biological tissue are more opaque than others, and hence more difficult to image. But all tissue has a limit to how deep it is possible to go. The tissue clearing protocols aim to make tissue as transparent as possible to enable much greater imaging depths.

All tissue clearing protocols aim to make tissue as transparent as possible. Using this technology, researchers can investigate entire structure of tissue without sample sectioning, for example, an entire 3D map of neuronal pathways can be imaged from a cleared mice brain.

CCI provides tissue clearing as a service to  researchers. Please contact us, preferably using, if you are interested in using the tissue clearing technology. Different clearing protocols works more or less well for different types of tissue and therefore has to optimized. We will find an ideal clearing protocol for your particular sample and your research goal using our modified tissue clearing protocols.


Full service includes:

  • We design and provide an ideal clearing protocols for your sample.
  • We will then take care of the technical side of tissue clearing.
  • This service is subject to availability of our resources.

We currently offer the following protocols:

  • Advanced CUBIC
  • ClearSee
With clearing an opaque tissue, like mouse brain, will become transparent and much easier to image.