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University of Gothenburg
image of samples in a nanoLC at Proteomics

Access to the Proteomics Research Support

For optimal results, we would like to give advise and help with the study design already before you start a new project.

Submit a sample

Please contact the Proteomics Core Facility regarding your project before submitting samples. We recommend discussions concerning suitable study design, challenges, and specific requirements before the experiments are performed.

Before submitting samples, please always fill in the sample submission form. This enables us to register/queue the project and treat your sample in the best possible way without lacking information.

Recommended browsers

When using the sample submission form we recommend the following browsers:

Safari or Chrome (Mac)

Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari (Windows)

Firefox has some issues to indicated active fields. It can be used but it is hard to see which field is active.

Standard Analysis

The standard analysis provided by the Proteomics Core Facility include sample preparation, MS analysis and compiling a list of identified or quantified proteins. The users are responsible for sample information, planning and performing the cell culturing, experiment, immunoprecipitation as well as interpretation of the results.

Additional Research Support

The Proteomics Core Facility can also be involved beyond our standard support if requested. The contribution may include study design, advising how to perform a study as well as assist the user in the interpretation of the results, and may then be considered as a substantial scientific and experimental contribution to a publication.

Acknowledging the Input of the Proteomic Core Facility

For all publications which include data generated by the Proteomics Core Facility it is kindly requested that you acknowledge our support.

The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) has published a guideline to use when considering to include the Core Facility member in the acknowledgement section or as a co-author in a publication.

The existence of the Proteomics Core Facility depends in part on proper acknowledgment in publications. A publication record is essential to ensure a high-quality facility and for the professional development of our staff. We ask our customers to consider this guide when publishing data generated by the Proteomics Core Facility and to consider the scientific input by the facility members to publications.

Proteomics Core Facility's overall aim is to improve the quality of the studies as well as the quality of the proteomic data and its interpretation. But also to decrease the time between generating and publishing data as well as to improve the number of customer projects that results in manuscripts.