University of Gothenburg

OligoNova Hub

OligoNova Hub is Sweden's new national infrastructure for drug development, especially focused on therapeutic oligonucleotides. Here, researchers with expertise in e.g. bioinformatics, chemistry and cellular biology will work with innovative development projects of drugs for patient groups that currently lack appropriate treatment.

OligoNova Hub is one of four parts in a broader OligoNova organisation. In addition to the hub, there are also OligoNova Accelerate, Challenges and Network. Together, all four parts will contribute to innovative solutions, new drug patents, start-up companies and effective treatment for patients.

Our Mission

The mission of OligoNova Hub is to support academic research with resources and expertise in the field of drug development. Our goal is to help researchers take their research results and convert them into new drugs for patient groups who currently lack appropriate treatment.

Projects Applications

In a call for projects, the HUB is currently looking for project ideas for new therapeutic oligonucleotides. The call is open for scientists with a doctoral degree at a Swedish university or higher institution.

Facts about Oligonucleotides

We are at the beginning of a revolution, which will change the way medicines are developed. The first therapeutic oligonucleotides were developed to treat unusual but serious genetic diseases, but we are now seeing a rapid development for treatment of common diseases as well.

Cooperation and Organization

OligoNova HUB is organizationally part to Core Facilities at the University of Gothenburg. At the same time, it is part of SciLifeLab's national drug platform (DDD), while also located at Astra Zeneca's BioVentureHub. This enables a broad and important cooperation between university and industry - which is central to continued world-leading pharmaceutical research in Sweden.

Core Facilities

Within the Core Facilities platforms, expertise that is central to drug development projects at OligoNova Hub is already available, for example in areas like proteomics, imaging, bioinformatics, protein production and genomics. Also, the Swedish NMR Centre is located nearby at GU.

SciLifeLab DDD Platform

The Oligonova HUB focuses on a different class of drugs than those previously included in SciLifeLab's drug platform DDD. This means that new technology is added to DDD while the hub can use established expertise, instruments and existing project flows.