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Confocal microscopy overview of a mouse kidney section

Light microscopy prices

A fully trained user has access to the microscope, which is charged by the hour, at any time. Here you find the microscope fees and the prices for training and assistance.

Light microscopes

AxioObserver / Apotome
Academia: 250 SEK/h
Industry: 500 SEK/h

Academia: 240 SEK/h
Industry: 480 SEK/h

LMD PALM MicroBeam
Academia: 320 SEK/h
Industry: 640 SEK/h

Academia: 320 SEK/h
Industry: 640 SEK/h

Academia: 500 SEK/h
Industry: 1000 SEK/h

LSM880 / Airyscan
Academia: 500 SEK/h
Industry: 1000 SEK/h

LSM980 / Airyscan
Academia: 550 SEK/h
Industry: 1100 SEK/h

Academia: 500 SEK/h
Industry: 1000 SEK/h

Project based for both academia and industry

CD7/LSM900: per hour
Academia: 420 SEK/h
Industry: 840 SEK/h

CD7/LSM900: Over-night experiment (from 17:00 to 09:00)
Academia: 4000 SEK
Industry: 8000 SEK

CD7/LSM900: 24 h experiment
Academia: 6500 SEK
Industry: 13000 SEK

CD7/LSM900: 48 h experiment (weekdays)
Academia: 12000 SEK
Industry: 24000 SEK

CD7/LSM900: 48 h experiment (weekends)
Academia: 10000 SEK
Industry: 20000 SEK

Light microscopy training

The specified training fees are for standard trainings. Depending on the needs and experience of the user both the time and cost might be altered. When the user is fully trained, which may take longer than the basic training sessions, he/she is given access to the microscope at any time.

Please contact the staff, preferably using, for more information about prices and to schedule the training sessions.

Academia: 3300 SEK + microscope fee
Industry: 6600 SEK + microscope fee

Note: The individual introductory microscope training usually consists of one half day of instruction (3 hours) with a training specimen and one half day with the user’s own specimen.

Academia: 1650 SEK + microscope fee
Industry: 3300 SEK + microscope fee

Note: The individual introductory microscope training usually consists of 2-3 hours with the user’s own specimen and/or a training specimen. 

Staff assistance

Technical support is included to a limit and we will not charge anything if you come to try something or to ask for advice. However, more extensive assistance during longer times or new/repeated training will be charged by the hour in addition to the microscope fee.

Staff time: microscope assistance
Academia: 550 SEK/h
Industry: 1100SEK/h

Pricing notes

  • During off-hours (between 19:00 and 8:00) the prices are reduced by 50 %. Long time-lapse imaging should always be scheduled during these hours.
  • 24 hours cancellation notice is required to avoid charges. We have this to avoid unnecessary over-booking of the instruments.
  • For external users, the fees are higher in order to cover the "overhead" cost for rent, administration and VAT. The price may also vary depending on the time and assistance requested.