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Protein analysis with SDS-PAGE and Western blot
Proteinanalys with SDS-PAGE and Western blot
Photo: Charbel Sader

Mammalian Protein Expression (MPE)

The core facility Mammalian Protein Expression (MPE) offers production of recombinant proteins for research purposes. We use mammalian cells to produce complex proteins with post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation. Researchers from universities or companies in Sweden and from abroad are equally welcome.

We can help with the culture of adherent and suspension cell lines in large and small scale and also culture hybridoma cells for the production of monoclonal antibodies.

National and International Cooperation

MPE is part of networks and cooperations in both Sweden and Europe. Below you can find links directly to the Swedish national platform for protein production PPS, or learn more about our networks.

Protein Production Sweden is a national research infrastructure established in 2022. PPS focuses on the production and purification of (mainly) recombinant protein reagents for all Swedish researchers. The seven participating PPS labs use several different expression systems which allows the production of many types of proteins.

Researchers can access the PPS infrastructure via a common entry-point and obtain individualized support based on their research needs throughout the whole process of protein production and purification. This can include all steps from project counselling and initial design to final quality control, or any single/multiple step(s) of the process.