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Get Access to the CCI Facility

The CCI welcomes beginners and experienced microscopy users, and adjusts the level of training to suit each person. Researchers from either universities or companies in Sweden and from abroad are equally welcome.

To use our services you first need to contact the CCI staff. Then we will arrange a meeting to discuss your project and how we can assist you in the best possible way. 

Our contact e-mail address:

How to become a user

1. First step: Contact us, preferably by sending an e-mail to, to schedule a face-to-face meeting where we will discuss your project and schedule training(s). In this contact e-mail, please write a short project description.

2. Activate your CrossLab log-in credentials (if needed):
a) First you need to make sure that your Principal Investigator already has created his/her group in CrossLab. Contact us if you cannot find this information.
b) Download the Crosslab manual, which applies to you, and follow the instructions for getting a CrossLab account. 
NOTE! The activation could take up to 24 hours, so do not leave this to the last minute.

3. Go to the CCI core page, log in and complete the “Registration form” under “request services”. This form has to be printed and signed by you and your supervisor. Bring the completed registration form to the first training, EM sample preparation, or any other service.


Rules at CCI

In order to provide convenient and reliable access to high-quality imaging for as many people as possible while protecting both the users and the instruments from the consequences of any misuse, all users must agree to the CCI rules and policies regarding use of the shared equipment.

When signing our registration form you agree to follow our rules. Here a summary of these rules are presented.

Please download and read the full version carefully!

Prices for CCI service and equipment

Our main ambition is to ensure a positive result at the end of the day and that you get as much out as possible from the use of the facility. However, the University of Gothenburg has instructed the core facilities to be partially self-sustaining, which today means 50% of the total running costs for the facility. Therefore, a user fee is charged by the hour and vary for the different types of microscopes, due to different costs for purchasing, user support, service contracts and spare parts. The Academia fees are subventioned, while the Industry pay the full price of the running costs including VAT. Minimum technical support is always included in the user fee.

CCI uses the core management system CrossLab, which makes it easy for the principal investigators to track the bookings and cost of microscopes and consumables for their lab members.

Book our resources

The Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) is using a web-based tool, CrossLab, for all resource booking at CCI, registration, tracking of usage, service requests, user database, inventory management and reporting/billing. You can find the booking pages here:

Centre for Cellular Imaging CrossLab core page


After signing up and training you will get permission to book the microscopes. For more information and scheduling of training, please contact the CCI staff, preferably using


  1. It is not possible to book earlier than two weeks in advance.
  2. You are not allowed to cancel later than 24 hours before your booking.
  3. During office hours the maximum booking time is 4 hours, which should be booked as one session, while off-hours are unlimited.

For more detailed rules see the CCI User Rules! prices

If you have problems, or if you need to book the microscope during longer time than is allowed, please contact the CCI staff, preferably using, for booking the microscopes.