University of Gothenburg

CCI Data Management Plan

Our main objective at the CCI is to ensure that the image data is secured, and image processing workflows are created in parallel. Depending on the needs of the users, the CCI provides different solutions and data handling strategies. In general, the CCI is responsible for the integrity of the image data from the point of acquisition, during the image analysis process (if done within CCI), to the transfer from the CCI infrastructure to the user’s data solution. In this regard the CCI is not responsible for the long-term storage of image data once the image processing and analysis has concluded.


Most of the users at the CCI are life scientists. In addition, there is an increasing interest from other fields to implement advanced microscopy imaging and analysis, such as, bio-material science, wood and fiber technology, fuel research and cultural heritage, to name a few. The image analyst of the CCI can interact with users of different computational experience, and direct them to the use of commercial software with graphical user interfaces, or alternatively to custom-made solutions developed by the CCI staff. 

Data Infrastructure

Transfer server 

For projects where users are interested in acquiring their images at the CCI without the need of support in image processing or analysis, then the image data is directly transferred from the microscopes to our transfer server. The users can then go to their own data storage solutions and download the image data from the transfer server. In such cases the CCI handles safekeeping of the data until it reaches the user’s data solution. After this, the data is removed from the CCI server. 


At the CCI we grant access to our users to our dedicated workstations for image processing and analysis. In this case users can directly transfer or stream their image data to our workstations, then analyze their data, and finally use the transfer server to save the processed data on their own data storage solutions. 

Processing Server & Remote Access 

When the image analysis tasks are particularly challenging, or the sheer size of the image data makes it difficult for the users to interact with their data, we offer customized software development and remote access to our image processing and analysis server, the HIVE from ACQUIFER. Further, we are working in close collaboration with Cytomine to develop a web-based data browser and image analysis solution for our users. These servers allow the users and the CCI image analyst to interact efficiently with the image data. Once the image processing and analysis steps are finished the user transfer their data to their own data storage solution.  

Data acquired outside of the CCI 

You are welcome to approach the CCI staff when you need support on image analysis. In this regard the CCI offers two general service models: consultation and full service. For more details please go to  the image analysis page. 

Data handling rules

  • It is not allowed to store data on the microscope computers (for longer than it takes to safely transfer the data).
  • It is not allowed to use any USB drives on the microscope computers. Therefore, use the CCI transfer server to transfer your data to your own computer. 
  • The CCI transfer server is only supposed to be used as a transfer server, i.e. you need to remove the data as soon as you have copied it to your computer. It is not allowed to store data on the server.
  • You are not allowed to use the transfer server for anything else than microscopy data!