University of Gothenburg

Sustainable Developement

At the Core Facilities we are actively working with sustainability. We want to promote a sustainable development for our own and for future generations.

Sustainable development is about preserving the earth’s ability to regain resources and to limit our negative impact on the environment. This requires a holistic view, both locally and globally, where we care for our ecological, social and economic welfare and justice.

Sustainability Group and Organization

At the Core Facilities we have a designated Sustainability group where representatives from our units meet regularly during the year. If you would like more information about the work of the group, or if you would like to reach us for other reasons, please send us an e-mail on

The head of Core Facilities is responsible for the sustainability work at the Core Facilities. At the university of Gothenburg as a whole, it is the Vice-chancellor who is ultimately responsible.

Example on activities for sustainability

At our research labs, different substances are used that can affect both the environment and human health. At our unit Mammalian Protein Expression (MPE), we have for example reduced the usage of Tryban Blue by replacing it the less carcinogenic substance Erytocin B.

Regularly, we send out a newsletter to our staff where we give inspiration about sustainable development and information about our current work.