Mia Söderberg


Avd för samhällsmedicin och
Medicinaregatan 16A
41390 Göteborg
Avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa, Box 414
40530 Göteborg

Om Mia Söderberg

2006 MSc in Psychology, 2008 Fully registered Swedish psychologist (Legitimerad psykolog), 2014 PhD in Occupational Medicine

Full-time researcher in the research group “Epidemiology and Insurance medicine” at the Department of occupational and environmental medicine, School of public health and community medicine, Sahlgrenska academy & University of Gothenburg.

My research focuses on psychosocial work conditions and health, currently mainly in the national SCAPIS-project and the working life without heart disease programme, in which the role of intermediary risk factors and socioeconomy are examined in relation to psychosocial job stressors and cardiovascular heart disease.

Other research projects investigate work conditions and possibilities for continued work in older ages, and prerequisites depending on socioeconomics, occupational sector or gender in the Swedish AgeCap centre and the European WorkLong project. Methods of measuring cumulative psychosocial exposures and relationships to slow progressing diseases. Interpretation of psychosocial work factors via cognitive attributions and effects for job mobility or return to work. Cognitive patterns, such as rumination or perfectionism, and effect leisure time recovery.