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Kurt Grönfors-föreläsningen

Kurt Grönfors-föreläsningen är ett återkommande öppet seminarium med teman kopplade till Grönfors breda forskningsintressen. Kurt Grönfors var Handelshögskolans rektor 1962-1971.

Vem var Kurt Grönfors?

Professor Kurt Grönfors var en av de ledande forskarna inom civilrätten.

Sjörätten var hans huvudsakliga intresseområde och han var erkänd som expert i Norden. Förutom att vara akademiker hade han starka kopplingar till näringslivet i Göteborg. Hans bidrag till utvecklingen av forskningssamarbetet är exemplariskt. Som rektor spelade han en viktig roll i utvecklingen av Handelshögskolan.

Kurt Grönfors var rektor vid Handelshögskolan 1962-1971.

5 maj 2023

För att klara det i Parisavtalet överenskomna 1,5-gradersmålet krävs förutom utsläppsminskningar också koldioxidinfångning från atmosfären. Dvs att fånga in en del av den koldioxid som samlats i atmosfären och lagra den. 

Sverige har med sina många punktutsläpp av biogen koldioxid, genom förbränning av biomassa i en industriell process, goda förutsättningar att bidra till minusutsläpp genom koldioxidinfångning (BECCS, Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage).

Årets Kurt Grönfors-seminarium fokuserar möjligheter och hinder för BECCS i Sverige, och erbjuder perspektiv från näringsliv, förvaltning och akademi.

Gabriela Arguello, Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet
Olena Bokareva, Lunds Universitet
Conny Johansson, Stora Enso
Erik Rylander, Stockholm Exergi
Svante Söderholm, Energimyndigheten
Karolina Unger, KLIMPO (Klimatpositivt och Kolsänkor)

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7 maj 2019

Plastics are essential and ubiquitous materials in our daily lives and address numerous challenges in our society. They can save fuel, CO2 emissions, reduce energy consumption, enhance food safety and food waste, and new technology in 3D printing using bio-compatible plastic materials may even save human lives by enabling medical innovation. Still, plastic waste is an increasing problem and challenge, particularly to the marine environment where a lot of it ends up.

This year’s Kurt Grönfors Lecture includes speeches by Bethanie Carney Almroth, Joshua Abbol and Åsa Domeij that address the issue of plastic pollution from three different perspectives.

19 april 2018

The debate concerning the future of European private law was by many structured on a perceived dichotomy between European codification and (neo)-nationalism. Indeed, the rise of nationalism and Brexit seem to have pushed aside the large codification projects from the agenda.

However, instead of this false dichotomy one may sketch an alternative path towards Europeanization, with less emphasis on coherence, accepting that fragmentation of law is a natural phenomenon in a society marked by growing epistemic and ethical uncertainty. Instead of grand narratives on codification, we should rather tell small narratives on legal change in an uncertain and unsystematic environment.

In Europe, such narratives open for learning across the borders, for a free movement of legal ideas. However, accepting such movement of ideas requires a deeper analysis of the use of foreign law as legal source and what it implies for the concept of foreseeability. New challenges and new opportunities are posed by the digital disruption that makes an abundance of legal material accessible and searchable.

Thomas Wilhelmsson is Professor of Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is the former Rector and now Chancellor of the University. As researcher professor Wilhelmsson has published books and articles in thirteen languages in contract law, insurance law, consumer law, the law of partnerships, tort law, European Community law and legal theory.

6 oktober 2016

The Annual Kurt Grönfors Lecture was established in 2013 to commemorate Professor Kurt Grönfors ́s contribution to collaborative research at the School of Business, Economics and Law. This year the theme of the lecture is enhancing visibility of the international supply chains and promoting supply chain finance through greater use of ICT. The discussion will be made from finance, law and logistics perspectives.

This year's speakers

Professor Gregory F. Udell, Kelly School of Business, Indiana University
Mr. Patrik Zekkar, former Global Head of Sales and Working Capital Advisory, Danske Bank
Associate Prof. Ronald De Boer, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Associate Prof. Manuel Alba, University Carlos III de Madrid

14 april 2015

Sustainable management of fish and fisheries resources is a global challenge, which requires knowledge across natural and social science perspectives. Many of these resources have suffered the effects of open-access conditions with depleted stocks and poor profitability for a long time.
Recently, catch share systems and aquaculture have offered solutions to the open-access problem, but at the same time put focus on other types of challenges for sustainable management.

This years Kurt Grönfors Lecture includes speeches by Erik Lindebo, Mike Melnychuk and Ragnar Tveterås that address the issue of sustainable seafood production from three different perspectives.

10 april 2014

Professor Kurt Grönfors was one of the leading researchers in the field of private law. Maritime law was his main area of interest and he was recognized as an expert in the Nordic region. In addition to being an academic he had strong connections with the business community in Gothenburg. His contribution in the development of the collaborative research is exemplary. As Rector he played an important role in the development of the School.

This inaugural Lecture will present maritime law topics from Swedish, Nordic and international perspectives. The speakers who are participating in this event have been connected to Professor Grönfors as students at juris doctor level, colleagues and friends.

The speakers at this Memorial Lecture are Professors Lars Gorton, Jan Ramberg, Claes-Göran Alvstam, Hannu Honka, Peter Wetterstein, Marc Huybrechts, Gertjan van der Ziel and D. Rhidian Thomas.