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Grusgång och ett äldre trähus.
Foto: Henric Benesch

Hidden Sites


Kort beskrivning

This project examines the slow value of the physical remains of the past, where latency is considered a significant element in the enduring survival of heritage places and objects.

By exploring both the artistic and spatial outputs of contemporary heritage practice, the sites are explored as layered ‘palimpsests’ — site-specific narratives that reach into the past as well as the future. The research involves a transdisciplinary methodology engaging with particular sites as ‘resources’ in and over time such as House Mill in London, Äskhult in Kungsbacka (in partnership ArtInsideOut), Västra Nordstan in Gothenburg (in partnership with The City of Gothenburg) and Lilla Änggården in Gothenburg (in partnership Gothenburg City Museum).

Researchers, students, artists, volunteers and audiences are being involved in all activities.