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Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS)

Illustration showing buildings, sites and people in silluets.

Welcome to the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS) at the University of Gothenburg. Cultural heritage is the reworking of the past in the present. We are devoted to critical and interdisciplinary studies of the many layers of cultural heritage as a material, intangible, emotional and intellectual field. CCHS operates as an inter-faculty research centre at the University of Gothenburg.

CCHS activites are framed in research areas and the Heritage Academy - a platform for, and collaboration with, external actors as museums, archives, NGO's etc.

Centre for Critical Heritage Studies aim to be an open, dynamic research environment with an international outlook, and we invite collaboration.

Events and latest news

New EU project TEHIC

#TEHIC is an #ErasmusPlus project that aims to create a standardised training curriculum & training content related to #heritageinterpretation so that it will contribute to the recognition and professionalisation of #heritageinterpreters and increase their employability.

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CCHS and UGOT Challenges

The Centre for Critical Heritage Studies, CCHS, was a partnership between the University of Gothenburg (UGOT) and University College London (UCL) during 2016-2022. Our research clusters have been established both at UGOT and UCL. CCHS was funded via the UGOT Challenges initiative 2016-2022.