Wooden House in a remote setting.
Äskhults by in Fjärås.
Photo: Henric Benesch

Hidden Sites

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Hidden Sites is a collaborative research platform set up to engage with heritage places as pluriversal sites in order to re-construct pasts that include more of us, rather than corroborating heritage places as privileged sites of restrictive practice, access, narration and use.

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Hidden Sites is a joint research platform set-up between researchers at The University of Gothenburg (GU) and University College London (UCL) as part of the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS). Interrogating “heritage places” as fundamentally pluriversal sites, constituted by multiple pasts and futures yet only directly informed by a few, Hidden Sites  operates as a site-based, collaborative, transdisciplinary platform, which through narration speculation, fictioning, prototyping seeks to re-construct pasts that includes more of us, rather than corroborating heritage places as sites of privilege and exceptionalism. The aim is co-curate a certain reality of diverse nows and other possible, plausible and preferable futures.

Growing out of methodologies developed through site-based workshops and field work in House Mill (London) and Äskhult (Kungsbacka) in 2018 - in collaboration with ArtInsideOut, and a Hidden Sites Work Lab - as part of a Summer-school in Gothenburg within CHEurope and in partnership with The City of Gothenburg during 2019 - the platform is currently engaged in two heritage places: Lilla Änggården - in partnership with Gothenburg City Museum; and Chiswick House - in partnership with Chiswick House and Gardens. 

Hidden Sites: Lilla Änggården

Departing from a clause in the donation of the estate to the City of Gothenburg, stating that the estate should be accessible not only to the public but to research and researchers in particular, this ongoing collaboration have since 2020 involved scholars, students and practitioners to together with The Gothenburg City Museum, identify and make tangible and accessible a more pluriversal and imaginative understanding of the place - including the collections and the estate as such - in terms of narratives and use.

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Hidden Sites: Chiswick House

‘Cheswick House’ is a participatory project based at Chiswick House and Gardens managed by  Chiswick House & Gardens Trust since 2007 with the support of English Heritage and London Borough of Hounslow. The project provides an open invitation to imagine alternative pasts and futures for this historic house and gardens, rebranded as ‘Cheswick House’, and includes a series of on-line and site-based workshops and an upcoming exhibition. The project is centered around the re-imagining Lord Burlington’s vision. How far can we go to imagine our ‘Cheswick House’ in alternative times and places in alternative universes, where not only historical events are altered, but all conditions are possible?

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