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Celebrate the centenary with a donation

For a hundred years, the School of Business, Economics and Law has been a place for scientific curiosity, internationalization and collaboration with business and society. Now we contribute to a sustainable world through our research and through the students we educate and train in independent and critical thinking. By donating a birthday gift, you contribute to the School's development.

External support underpins our progress

External support has always driven development of the School, going back to the start in 1923. Here are a few examples from recent years:

The School building on Vasagatan 1
The building on Vasagatan 1 could be realized through generous support from the Richard C Malmsten Memorial Foundation.
Professor Maureen McKelvey
External funding laid the foundation for a strong academic environment in innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2017, Maureen McKelvey received SEK 50 million within the framework of the Distinguished Professor Programme of the Swedish Research Council.
Photo: Carina Gran

Interested in supporting the School?

Welcome to contact Ingela Palmgren, Director Corporate Relations
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Ingela Palmgren
Ingela Palmgren
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