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Researcher at his desk, with a lot of books and papers
The School's research reflects both depth and breadth, with a special focus on sustainability.
Photo: Jeffrey Johns

Our research

The School's research has a clear purpose: to make an impact and thus contribute to the advancement of society at large. This presupposes an active engagement in contemporary societal development and close collaboration with the surrounding society. Our research must relate to the challenges facing the world today, such as technological development and AI, environmental degradation, migratory flows, poverty or vulnerability of political and financial systems.

The School wants to produce research that can inform policy-makers and businesses in their handling of societal challenges.These challenges should be analysed with the most appropriate academic tools available, which often involve cross-disciplinary apporaches. Thus, it is an important asset that the School includes a broad set of academic disciplines, and is part of a comprehensive university. High quality research is also a prerequisite for being able to offer high-quality education.

Research relating to all of the Global Goals

The School's mission is to contribute to the advancement of society, and the School has a long tradition of conducting education and research on issues associated with sustainability. The aim is to become an international leader among the business schools of the world. The School's departments have research relating to all of the Global Goals.

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