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The School of Business, Economics and Law is a meeting place for students, researchers, alumni, business and society.
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Research and education at the School of Business, Economics and Law shall contribute to a positive development for society as a whole. It presupposes a close collaboration with, and an active involvement in the development of, the surrounding society. The collaboration takes place in many different ways, and within different parts of our organization.

Our Partnership Programme is a long-term collaboration that provides benefits for all participants, for the School of Business, Economics and Law, and for society. Reväst is another forum, focusing on developments in our region. Collaboration also takes place in research and education and another important way to collaborate are our contacts with alumni.

Almost 100 years of collaboration

It was the business community in Gothenburg that started the School of Business, Economics and Law in 1923. Since then, collaboration has been a natural activity for us. Some examples today are our center educations, the 1-year Master's Programme Management of Growth Companies (MATIX) and our Partnership Programme.

Contact External Relations

You are always welcome to contact External Relations if you are interested in collaborating with the School of Business, Economics and Law. You can also turn to one of our Centres of expertise and research, where collaboration takes place within a specific area.

Here you will find the employees at the External Relations unit.

Head of Office: Kajsa Fung

Career Service

Career Service
Mette Anthonsen, Coach/Life and Career Management
Ingmarie Karlgren, Career Service/Partnership Programme
Hannah Bäcklin, Coach/Life and Career Management
Kristina Ford, Coach/Life and Career Management
Ulrik Lork, Career Counsellor

Communication and Events

Gustav Haglund, graphic design, photo
Saida Hajee, Student Recruiting
Isac Lundmark, Social Media, Film
Maria Norrström, Director of Communications
Marie Örninge, Event Manager


Eden Berhane, Operations Manager Reväst 
Annelie Dagerklint, Director Partnership Programme
Lovisa Florin, Administrative Assistant
Kajsa Fung, Alumni relations
Ingmarie Karlgren, Career Service/Partnership Programme
Marie Larkö, Operations Manager Reväst