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Representatives from partner companies talking to each other
Volvo is one of the School's Senior Partners

Partnership Programme

As a partner to the School of Business, Economics and Law, you participate in a mutual exchange that creates added value, both for your organisation and for the School: competence development, access to our network of researchers, and valuable help to develop your employer brand towards the School's students. Through the collaboration, you contribute to ensuring that our educations meet the needs of employers, and to attract the most promising students to the School of Business, Economics and Law.

Value for all

The School of Business, Economics and Law's partnership programme started in 1999 and is a long-term collaboration that provides benefits for the participating partners, the School and for society at large. The collaboration contributes, among other things, to:

  • increase the competitiveness of the business community through skills development
  • ensure the quality of education and that it meets the needs of business and society of today
  • attract the most promising students to the School
  • gain access to international academic expertise
  • the business community gets access to new, competent employees

Three levels of partnership

We offer partnerships on three levels: Senior Partner and Associate Partner. For public activities, there is also the form Public Associate Partner. What is included in the partnership differs between the levels.

As a partner to the School you get this:

  • Competency development
  • Executive Faculty
  • Recruitment and Employer Branding
  • Advisory meeting grounds
  • Exposure


    Each semester, the Partnership Programme arranges a series of activities, where our partner companies get to meet and listen to researchers and representatives of business and society.

    23 September, 08.30-10.00, webbinar
    Sweden and the EU after Brexit and Corona med Assar Gabrielsson professor Cecilia Malmström.


    Oktober 15th, 09.00-12.00, webinar
    Meeting Point Finans - Finansialization of the subscription economy with lecturer Viktor Elliot and more.

    November 26th, 09.00-10.00, webinar
    Executive seminar - Is EU still grappling in the dark with BRI? China’s geo-political ambition, unique aspects of the BRI framework and the EU’s response. With Assistant Professor Trisha Rajput.

    Entrance hall Vasagatan 1
    The Partnership Programme is a meeting place for business, society and academia.
    Photo: Handelshögskolan
    Partner seminar

    The School’s career service offers a job posting service, that is free of charge. The ads are displayed to students and alumni who have signed up for Career Service. You can post: full time jobs, part time jobs, internships and thesis proposals.