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Phd students in seminar room
Photo: Carina Gran

Doctoral Studies

Educating new researchers is one of the key activities at the School of Business, Economics and Law. This is crucial in order to ensure that our future research and the education we provide at basic level are of scientific and scholarly standard.

Doctoral studies at all departments

Standard doctoral-level (also referred to as research-, PhD- or third-cycle level) education programmes comprise 240 higher education credits (four years of full-time study) and lead to a doctoral degree. It is also possible to obtain a licentiate degree after completing 120 higher education credits (two years of full-time study).

Approximately 30 new doctoral students have been admitted annually at the School in the past few years. Around 40% are women, although this varies slightly from year to year.

Doctoral-level education is offered at all departments. Detailed information can be found at the departments web sites, links below.

The School aims to support each department through creating platforms to promote integration and internationalisation in doctoral-level education. Integration is encouraged for example by the provision of cross-departmental - and in some cases cross-faculty - courses for doctoral students.

The Swedish Higher Education Act and Higher Education Ordinance determine the regulations for doctoral-level admissions, studies, examination, etc. In addition to these regulations, the University of Gothenburg has established its own set of rules for doctoral studies.

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