University of Gothenburg
Handelshögskolans entré på Vasagatan 1
Photo: Carina Gran

Our mission

Research and Education at the School of Business, Economics and Law have a clear purpose: to make an impact and thus contribute to the advancement of society at large.

The School shall be at the international forefront of providing high-quality research and education, resulting in knowledge and competence that can contribute to policymaking and assist businesses in their handling of fundamental societal challenges. Accordingly, sustainability is integrated into all operations at the School.

The School shall act on challenges facing the world today, such as climate change, the decline of biodiversity, migratory flows, social exclusion, the effects of demographic changes, the vulnerability of political and financial systems, the erosion of multilateral structures for international cooperation, the distribution and redistribution of resources, or transformative structural changes resulting from technological developments.

In both research and education, these societal challenges should be approached with the most appropriate academic tools available, and often involve cross-disciplinary collaboration. Thus, we consider it to be an important asset that our School includes a broad set of academic disciplines, and that we are
part of a comprehensive university.


To develop knowledge, educate, and foster independent thinking for a sustainable world


To be an excellent and progressive academic institution in a global context. 

Fundamental values

The purpose of the document is to spell out the values, beliefs and basic principles on which the School's operations are, and should be, based. It supplements the basic values shared by all state employees, the University’s Vision 2020 as well as relevant legislation.

The School shall be an inclusive organisation that operates on the basis of the equal value of all people. There must be zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment. This means that we must maintain a social environment in which we treat each other with respect. At the same time, we must also maintain basic academic values, inquisitiveness-based knowledge development and research-based education – all pervaded by critical thinking.

All employees and students have personal responsibility for operations at the School running in accordance with our fundamental values.