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Support research on the challenges facing healthcare

Global pandemics, limited resources, disparities in access and unequal health. These trends present significant challenges for the healthcare sector. Preventive care needs to be expanded, primary care needs to be better equipped, and digital solutions need to be introduced for a sustainable healthcare system.

The care sector is facing the biggest changes in many years. An ageing population is suffering from more chronic diseases while global health challenges need to be tackled locally, meaning that many people will need care at the same time. Those in a position of responsibility also risk facing difficult prioritisation decisions. There is therefore growing demand for better knowledge from researchers and academia.

The Centre for Health Governance at the University of Gothenburg is a joint initiative between the School of Business, Economics and Law and the Sahlgrenska Academy, working within health management and health economics. Together, researchers will address the major challenges facing healthcare.

In order to respond to the changes within society, the healthcare sector needs to find new ways to manage and organise its activities. At the same time, there are major knowledge gaps regarding governance, health management and health economics effects within the care chain. The findings from the centre’s research therefore have great potential to have an impact on both the health of the population and the social economy.

Some of the most pressing issues include preventive care, the impact of new medical technologies, and digitalisation and the use of AI within care, and the centre’s research within these field is at the cutting edge. Much of these challenges traditional care structures, and more research is needed to examine what these trends mean for patients and staff.

Research combined in a unique way

Our researchers combine governance and health management with health economics research in a unique way. For example, we are studying how new funding models can be implemented within primary care, and how cooperation can be strengthened between different actors in the healthcare sector.

Our focus is on equal and accessible healthcare for everyone.

With your help, our research can increase the knowledge on:

  • The effects of new medical technologies on quality, costs and organisation within care
  • New governance and funding models for preventive care, primary care and close care
  • How the quality, economics and organisation of care are affected by digitalisation and AI
  • The effects of standardised care processes
  • Tools to combat the inequalities within healthcare
  • How to strengthen a sustainable, health-promoting working life

Do you want to support the Center for Health Governance?

You are welcome to contact Ewa Wikström, Professor and Director of CHG, or Ingela Palmgren, Director,  Private and Public Cooperation, to discuss various possibilities.

Ewa Wikström
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Ingela Palmgren
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Ewa Wikström
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Ingela Palmgren
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