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In case of emergency

Here you will find important information on how to act in case of emergency.

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In case of fire

In case of fire:

  • When the fire alarm goes off - start the evacuation immediately!
  • Look around and follow the green signs for evacuation. Always pick the nearest escape route.
  • Assist others that are in obvious danger, as long as you do not expose yourself to risks. Remember that fire smoke is toxic - get out safely by crawling along the floor. Close all windows and doors.
  • Warn others that may not perceive the alarm.
  • Call the emergency number 112 and alert the emergency services - do not forget to specify the location of the fire.
  • Extinguish the fire if possible but without taking unnecessary risks. Fire extinguishers are deployed at strategic locations and are marked out in the evacuation plan.
  • Go to the assembly point.
    - For Vasagatan 1: Hagaparken
    - For other sites, see emergency plans in the building
  • Search for others from the same department or lecture as you and try to find out if anybody is missing.
  • Report immediately to the emergency services if anybody is missing.
  • Stay at the assembly point until the emergency services has given clearance to leave.

Knowledge saves life - "think before"!

Knowledge saves lives, property and operations. Therefore, study the signs with evacuation plans and make sure that you know the location of fire extinguishers and fire alarms, as well as escape routes and assembly points. Observe the emergency handles and knobs.

Escape routes

The escape routes are always be kept free. The escape routes are equipped with fire doors that closes when the alarm goes off to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Fire doors are not allowed to be fixed in open position. Doors and passages for emergency evacuation are marked with emergency evacuation signs. Locked doors are equipped with emergency escape locks.

Report defects

Report errors in the system, such as unlit signs, blocked escape routes and fire extinguishers, and things that may be a fire hazard. Report to the School’s Fire Protection Coordinator: Fredrik Johansson,, phone +46 31-786 1316 or to a local fire protection coordinator.