University of Gothenburg

Contact information

Postal address
Box 600
SE 405 30 Göteborg

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Göteborgs universitet
Box 115
405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
(Fakultetsledning, ledningsstöd, kommunikation, Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Juridiska institutionen, Institutionen för nationalekonomi med statistik, Environment for Development, studentkår)

Viktoriagatan 13
(Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle, Gothenburg Research Institute, Centrum för konsumtionsvetenskap, GU School of Executive Education, Externa relationer)
Shipping address
Lilla Bergsgatan 4
SE 411 28 Göteborg

Management team
Dean: Professor Per Cramer
Deputy Dean: Professor Marie Stenseke
Vice Dean (research and PhD education): Professor Ola Olsson
Vice Dean (education: Professor Ola Bergström
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Faculty Office

Master's Programmes

Exchange studies:

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Research and education at the School of Business, Economics and Law shall contribute to a positive development for society as a whole. It presupposes a close collaboration with, and an active involvement in the development of, the surrounding society. The collaboration takes place in many different ways, and within different parts of our organization.

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Support the School
The School of Business, Economics and Law’s ambition for the 2020s is to enter the next phase in our development, where we not only contribute to the region’s growth but also establish ourselves as a European centre for research and education with a focus on the critical issues of our time: climate change, ocean governance and biodiversity, migration flows, poverty and social exclusion, an aging population, vulnerabilities in political and financial systems, plus fundamental structural changes prompted by digitalisation and AI.

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How to get to the School

From the airport
Airport bus to "Centralstationen", get off at "Korsvägen". Tram no 2 towards "Högsbotorp", get off at "Handelshögskolan".

From the trainstation
Tram no 2 towards "Högsbotorp", get off at "Handelshögskolan"

Tram no 3,6 and 11, get off at "Hagakyrkan". Three minute walk from the School.

Bus 25, 761 and Rosa Express, get off at "Pilgatan", right next to the School.

We also advise you to use the Travel planner to find your way from all corners within the greater Gothenburg area.

City map
If you are traveling by foot or car we advise you to use google maps to find your way to Vasagatan 1.

Google maps

Find your way at Vasagatan 1 (main building) and Viktoriagatan 13


Departments and units at Vasagatan 1

  • Business Administration: J and B5 (Industrial and Financial Management & Logistics)
  • Law: C, floors 4,5 and 6
  • Economics and Statistics: E and D, floors 5 and 6
  • Environment for Development: E6
  • Facuty Office: B6
  • Dean: A6
  • Malmstenvåningen (Dean's office, conference rooms): A6
  • Graduate School: B4
  • External Relations, communications: A6
  • International Office: D6
  • Economics Library: A4
  • Handelserätten (restaurant): E3
  • HHGS (Student union): L2-3
  • Campus Service: F, 3rd floor
  • Reception desk: A, 2nd floor

Lecture halls at Vasagatan 1

Finance Lab: D5
Gunilla Bornmalm-Jardelöw-salen: E4
Malmstensalen: A3
SEB-salen: E4
Volvosalen: E4

Other lecture halls and rooms are located through their designation, e.g B34 means B-building, 3rd floor, room 34.

Departments and units at Viktoriagatan 13

  • Centre for Consumer Science
  • Economy and Society (Economic History, Human Geography,Innovation and Entrepreneurship): Viktoriagatan 13
  • Gothenburg Research Institute: Viktoriagatan 13
  • External Relations
  • Career Service

+46 (0)31 18 80 90

Office at Vasagatan 1, floor L2

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