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The best Master's theses awarded


The Richard C. Malmsten Award for Best Theses is awarded each year to the best thesis within each of the School’s Master’s Programmes. These awards have been given since the initiation of the Shool's Master's programmes in 1997. With this award, Johan Malmsten and the Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation show their encouragement and appreciation directly to the students. The award is 10 000 SEK for each author

Recipients of The Richard C. Malmsten Award for Best Theses 2021

Accounting and Financial Management: Alexander Nilsson and Viktor Axelsson ”Early evidence on iXBRL regulation and its impact on information asymmetry in the US capital market” 

Economics: Mia Bivered “The effects of taxes on fossil fuels on firms’ environmental and economic performance”

Finance: My Phùng “Empirical Analysis of Dependence Structures and Spillover Effects across Stock Markets:  A Study of Relationship Between Vietnam and its Major Trading Partners”

Innovation and Industrial Management: Agnes Knutsson and Isac Boukachabia ”Preparing for Change - An exploratory study on how Swedish organizations can implement strategic agility” 

International Business and Trade: Ebba Ernström and Ida Eriksson
“Repatriate embeddedness: The experience of Swedish repatriates.
A qualitative study on the interconnectedness between the repatriate experience and organizational commitment”

Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: Anna Marija Jefimova and Sophia Tafertshofer “Innovation Adoption for Eco Materials in the Construction Industry in Sweden: How Three Players Can Actively Foster the Adoption Process – A Case Study on the Material Hempcrete with the Company House of Hemp”

Logistics and Transport Management: Jonas Härtel and Fabian Kulawik “Performance of Light Electric Freight Vehicles in Urban Areas – Adapting the Performance Prism framework to manage CEP stakeholder relationships and improve the performance of Light Electric Freight Vehicles in the last mile”

Management: Malin Setterström and Stina Magnusson
“Sustainability at stake: incorporating circular economy into an organization”

Marketing and Consumption: Taraneh Kianersi Adegani and Johanna Brun Gustavsson ”Longing for Leisure. How Near-Past Nostalgia Shapes Leisure Practices” 

The Richard C Malmsten Memorial Foundation

The foundation was established in 1983, as a large donation from Erik Malmsten, merchant and grandson of Richard Malmsten. The basic purpose of the foundation is to “promote academic economic research and education at the University of Gothenburg”.