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The Centre for Global HRM aims to strengthen research on HRM by constituting a meeting place and a knowledge bank for HRM-related topics.

Upcoming seminars

At this time we have no seminars planned in English. You can find our seminar series in Swedish via this link. 

Through broad research collaborations, CGHRM wishes to initiate, develop and drive relevant HRM research in a continuous dialogue with public and private sectors, and also to disseminate research results.

The overarching aim is to strengthen Swedish competitiveness by contributing to research and development in work policy and a sustainable and balanced working life.  

The Centre has a national mission; shall establish both national and international collaborations; and constitute a meeting place for researchers and professionals in the field of HRM.

In order to fulfil its vision, the Centre conduct a range of different activities. One important cornerstone is the Centre’s public seminars on HRM-relevant topics which have become highly appreciated among both scholars and HRM-professionals. In order to strengthen HRM-research, the Centre advertise seed money; organises biannual international conference on HRM; and research networks and seminars. The Centre has also established Sweden’s first ever professorship in HRM.

Find out more about CGHRM here

CGHRM - Partners 2021

The Centre has the following partner organisations:

City of Gothenburg
City of Malmö
Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)
Skåne Regional Council
Swedish Migration Agency
Swedish Transport Administration
Region Västra Götaland
Volvo Group
Wise Group
The Swedish Association of HRM

Open seminars

Video (32)
Managing an Intercultural Workplace (1 of 3)
Video (32)
Managing an Intercultural Workplace (2 of 3)

CGHRM regularly hosts open seminars for HRM interested professionals.

For now, most of them are in Swedish and you can find more information about this on our Swedish website

We are working on providing more seminars for our English speaking audience. In the meantime you can enjoy previously recorded seminars through GU Play!

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Open seminar on Employer Branding