University of Gothenburg
Illustration av den kommande nya byggnaden på Vasagatan
The new buildning is planned to be completed in 2027.
Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

An attractive place for studies, research and meetings.

With the new building, the School will get an international cutting-edge learning environment on the international forefront, where research and education can be developed to meet the needs of society, and where faculty, staff and students will flourish and enjoy working, studying and spending time. The new building also makes it possible to gather all departments at one address.

There will be an entrance to the Västlänken Station Haga integrated in the building, which makes the School and the University an even clearer part of the city.

The new building is planned to be completed in 2027. Serneke is building on behalf of the property owner Akademiska Hus. The University of Gothenburg (School of Business, Economics and Law) then rents the premises

The operations is going on as usual

During the construction period, the operations at the School will continue largely as usual. The construction work will cause disruptions in our work environment, but every effort is made to minimize these. It is difficult to anticipate any challenges that may arise. Scheduling will change over time, and estimated times for different work efforts may also change.

Architect competition in 2014

The property owner, Akademiska Hus, called for an architect competition in June 2014. The first step attracted 73 contributions from all over Europe. Of these 73, six architect teams were chosen to move on to step two.

In March 2015 “Annex” by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur + Arup was announced as the winner.

Sketch of the the house. In the middle is a staircase.
Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur


This is what the new building might look like.

Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur
Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur
Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur
Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur
Photo: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur


  • In the spring of 2020, the brick buildings at Vasagatan 1 were demolished. Prior to that, operations located in the buildings had been given new premises. Campus Service and IT moved to rebuilt, appropriate premises on floor D3. The student union HHGS moved its office premises to floor L2, and floor L3 was rebuilt into a pub.
  • In the summer of 2020, the noisy work with sheet piling was carried out, and the excavation work began.
  • From the spring 2024 to the summer 2027, construction work is carried out. 

Actions for limiting disturbances

It is not possible to build a new house without affecting the ongoing operations. The work at the School must follow the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines for noise, NFS 2004:15 (link in Swedish). In most parts of the School, disturbance impact is estimated to be low. Buildning J and the part of building E, which is closest to the building area, will be more affected. Most affected are the parts of the School that are closest to the construction site. The project management and the Heads of departments work together on how this should be handled.

  • Serneke will use a method to get shaft masses out of the site that makes as little noise as possible. The shaft masses are loaded on flatbeds at the bottom of the pit. These are then lifted and loaded onto trucks. Trucks will leave the School every fifteen minutes.
  • School accessibility will be adequate during construction.
  • When the brick buildings were demolished, the School lost a number of lecture halls. This is offset by more efficient use of other halls at the School. During the first weeks of the semesters, the demand for lecture halls is gratest, but there will be room for all lectures and seminars. In order to facilitate planning, new principles for booking of the rooms have been established.
  • Every four weeks, information letters will be sent to all staff. The letter covers planned work in the near future, and in the slightly longer term. The information is also published on the web, accessible to everyone. Students are informed by e-mail a few times during the semester, and when needed. The Student Union also contributes to inform the students. Information meetings will be held for staff and neighbours.
  • Campus Service informs Serneke of extraordinary events at the School and Serneke takes these into account, when possible, when planning their work.
  • It is important to conduct active and proactive health and safety work. The work environment representatives have an important role to play. At faculty level, this work is coordinated within the framework of the local work environment committee, LAMK.
  • The work environment representatives for the students are the Head of Education within the Student Union (primary) and the President (secondary). Read more about the Student Union's work with the student work environment