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Student pratar med näringslivsrepresentant på en arbetsmässa.

After your studies

Our programmes combine business, economics and law, in order to reflect our competencies and to respond to the demand of employers.

After graduation you become one of our alumni

The word alumni refer to graduates of an educational institution. After graduating from the School of Business, Economics and Law you become one of our highly valued alumni. Therefore it is very important for us to keep in touch. You can read more about our alumni network here.

What do our students do after their graduation?
Since 2008 the School of Business, Economics and Law have conducted surveys to follow up on our alumni and find out what they do after graduation. The surveys aim to answer questions regarding our alumni position one year after graduating and to find out where they end up working, what their salary is, and within which sectors they work.

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What happens after your studies?

The survey comprises 236 students who took a Master’s degree, 2021. Survey response rate: 83%. 

Graduates hired quickly, 91%

Graduates hired quickly

91% of the Master’s students found employment within 6 months of completing their studies. 60% found positions before they completed their studies. 

Students outside School entrance
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Would you recommend the Master’s programmes?

92% of the Master’s students would recommend the School to prospective students.

How qualified were your work duties? 80%. Did your work tasks at your first job relate to your education? 85%.

At your first job, were your work duties qualified?
89% of the Master’s students thought they had qualified work duties.

Did your work tasks relate to your education?
93% of the Master’s students thought their work tasks were related to their education

World Map

Graduates working all over the world

195 of the graduates work in Sweden. Other countries our graduates work in are: Germany, China, Norway, United States, Austria, Netherlands, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Denmark, India, Ireland, Mexico, Tanzania, and United Kingdom.

Average monthly salary 31 000 - 34 999 SEK

Average monthly salary

The Master’s students initial salary is between 33.000 and 34.999 SEK.

Choice of sector

14,2% - Bank/finance
12,0% - Management
9,3% - Industrial
9,3% - Retail
8,9% - IT/telecom