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University of Gothenburg
Sylvie Chetty at Vasagatan
Sylvie Chetty from University of Otago, New Zealand, is one of the professors within the Elof Hansson Visiting Professor Programme in International Business and Trade.
Photo: Carina Gran

Visiting Professor Programme

The Visiting Professor Programme (VPP) started in 2009, in order to strengthen the quality and international competitiveness of the School of Business, Economics and Law. VPP has been made possible through generous contributions from the West Swedish business community.

Strengthens quality and international competitiveness

The Visiting Professor Programme is part of the School of Business, Economics and Law's strategy to strengthen the international profile and competitiveness by increasing the proportion of international researchers within the faculty, and to build deeper relationships with a number of reputable universities and business schools around the world.

The visiting professors contribute in many different ways, at all departments, and in both research and education. On the research side, many have been involved in organising international conferences. They have established new collaborative projects and have written academic articles together with researchers at the School. Visiting professors have also contributed to both teaching and supervision of doctoral students, and also to designing courses, and teaching at the master's level.

The program has also proved to be an asset in the School' collaboration with business and industry. Guest professors have contributed to the School's Executive MBA programme, they have held public lectures and participated in tailor-made seminars and workshops for the School of Business's partner companies.

Generous support from the business community

The Visiting Professor Programme has been made possible thanks to generous support from the business community:

The Elof Hansson Visiting Professor Programme in International Business and Trade, 2019-2021

Visiting Professor Programme 2, 2014-2018

Visiting Professor Programme 1, 2009-2013

Three programmes

VPP1 (2009-2013) comprised 35 professors. VPP2 (2014-2018) focused on sustainability and included 25 professors. In the third round (2019-2021) the focus is on "international business and trade". Usually, the professors are recruited for a three-year period and spend one to two months a year at the School of Business.

Forthcoming visits

Nathalie Lazaric, 20-22 October 2021
CNRS, University of Côte d'Azur, France
Host: Dept of Economy and Society, Maureen McKelvey

Organisation and Support

Programme Management

The VPP Coordinator is Dr Robin Biddulph,
Robin is responsible for contracts, reporting and for liaison with contact persons and with the professors. 

The VPP Administrator is Karin Jansson,
Karin is responsible for accommodation, transport and also for the programme’s webpage.

Departmental Responsibilities

Visiting Professors on the programme are hosted by one of the academic departments. A contact person is appointed by the department and is responsible for working with the Visiting Professor to plan their work and ensure that best use is made of their talents.

The department provides direct administrative support providing a workplace, an email account and a security card.

External Relations and Fund-raising

The School’s Director of Corporate Relations, Ingela Palmgren is responsible for relations with the VPP sponsors during the course of the programme as well as for working with the Dean to secure funding for future iterations of the Programme.
Contact details to Ingela Palmgren:
+46 31 786 5835
+ 46 732-309082