Feministisk forskning

Feminist Seminar in Sociology: FEMSEM

Research group
Active research
Project period
2000 - ongoing
Project owner
Institutionen för Sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Short description

Feminist sociology constitutes both a perspective and a research field. This network addresses everyone with an interest in feminist theory, methodology, activism, or empirical research. The purpose of the network is to provide opportunities to meet and, in collaborative forms, develop new insights, ideas and perspectives within the field. Areas of expertise and research represented in the network are, for instance, gender and occupational status; queer activism; gender and violence; and equality in work life, parenting, environmental movements, and Covid-19 policy responses.

Since a feminist perspective can be applied on all kinds of research topics, many of us are simultaneously also affiliated with other research groups. The network engages researchers in ongoing projects with a clear gender or feminist perspective as well as researchers that are not currently involved in such projects, teachers, and others from the academic community. The network welcomes participants from all departments at the university (however, the list of affiliated researchers – below - only includes employees at the Department of Sociology and Work Science).

Our ambition is to provide a creative academic environment, a feminist space, where academic culture and tradition can be challenged. A second ambition is to offer regular activities that do not require much preparation and where academic prestige and outcome is peripheral. Hence, we both strive to vary the format we work in, and to give much time for collaborative processes and practical exploration. Besides more traditional research presentations and paper discussions, the seminar also offers various workshops; discussions on topical phenomena; reading circles; movie screenings; and more informal lunch seminars. We draw upon academic texts, as well as lived experiences and observations of contemporary events.

Anyone is welcome to present a text draft for review and discussion. This holds both for texts with a feminist perspective already at place, and for texts where you as a writer are still uncertain on how – and to what extent – feminist perspectives can be theoretically, methodologically or empirically useful.

The feminist seminar meets once a month. Time and day of the week varies, but all dates are set by the beginning of each semester.